Many couples around the world dream about having their wedding in the most beautiful City in the world. A wedding in Paris is elegant, chic with romance and love. Some combine with their honeymoon to make it even more intimate and memorable.


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Let us introduce you our top recommendations of French brands, designers and decorators of 2017.


LAURE DE SAGAZAN | Bridal dress designer


Laure de Sagazan has joined Sezane for the spring’s collection. Known for the attention to details and the Parisian silhouettes, Laure’s beautiful pieces are to die for. Just a few days, half of the SÉZANE X LAURE DE SAGAZAN  dresses are already sold out. 




BERENGERE CARDERA | Bridal dress designer


Berengere Cardera sees her bride as “a chic type” aka a nice fellow! She laughs, moves, dances and drinks Champagne! As it is “sur mesure” dresses, it takes her at least 6 to 8 months to create the perfect dress.





PAOLO CORONA | Dress designer

Short interview


How did you get started in the styling industry?

This was actually unintended. When I was younger, I had friends who worked in fashion houses like Azzaro. They offered me to participate in their workshops and they told me I have the qualities of being a stylist.

I did a several shows in my name but then I realized that it’s not what I wanted, I was losing myself. I am not commercial, I just want to create.

I love designing something intimate with my clients, discuss with them and tailor-make the best for them.


What is the concept of the company?

Do not be commercial but unique.

Creating something that really belongs to me. My clients want something that represents them and I am here to help them realizing what they are looking for.




BILLY FOLCHETTI | Wedding planner / Florist designer

Short interview


What's your favourite wedding venue in Paris?

I love them all for different reasons because Paris has incredible venues. My favorite type is when it has an outdoor space so clients may have a dance party. I’d say Musee Rodin is a great place. It is in the center of the city, you feel like you are away in a chateau instead of the city. Additionally, I love Rodin as an artist. Being able to be surrounded by pieces of his sculptures is simply amazing. It is great for clients to be able to see the real “The Thinker” statue, too.


What are the differences between Parisian weddings and other places?

Most of my clientele comes from different parts of the world, such as Asia, the US and Australia. In the US, it is a multi-billion dollar industry but in France, it is more family oriented, there is no need of gold or something like that. However, people come to Paris to experience the glamour of the city, to take the advantage of the City of lights.


 Are you always emotionally affected?

Yes. The planning process starts 2 years in advance. This way, you really get to know who your clients are. It is indeed very emotional because of the nature of working so closely with people. You do get attached to certain clients but at the same time, you need to keep the line of being professional. I have been emotionally involved many times that I teared up at the ceremonies.




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