Summer is just around the corner in Paris! As we all know, there’s nothing better than having coffee and cocktail at a chill café in the city of love. While enjoying the ambience, you will also get the sunbath you need for the rest of the year. So, where are all these trendy, hidden café terraces in Paris?


Here are all you need to know from Sacrebleu Paris! 


Le Café suédois

Inside of the Swedish Cultural Institute and part of the Hotel de Marle, the peaceful space is where you can enjoy a sunny afternoon while reading and enjoying pastries. 


MOB Hotel

There's no place more multi-functional and trendy at the same time like MOB Hotel's terrace. Here, you can take rooftop yoga classes, organize barbecue parties and even enjoy organic pizzas!


Café A

At the courtyard of Café A, there are often pop-up events and exhibitions. It is one of the Parisian artists' favourites! 


Café du Petit Palais

Not only the extraordinary exhibitions, Parisians love coming to the quiet cafe at the garden of Petit Palais. With the trees and plants, it is indeed the most artistic coffee break you could have!


Le Très Particulier


Inside the luxury hotel - Hotel Particulier Montmartre, this is a well-known terrace within Parisians. For cocktails and a smart-casual night, this is where you go. 


Musée de la Vie Romantique

First, you need to find the museum after an alley walk, then you will find its secret garden. The terrace is quiet and full of flowers and plants. This is where to find yourself at a romantic café in the middle of the busy city.



For coffee, apero, or dining, Le Derrière Paris is a restaurant built inside a secret Parisian apartment. Perfect place to enjoy time with your friends for all kinds of reasons!